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Student L.I.F.E Shop... a Success - Thank You!

posted Sep 2, 2017, 6:14 AM by Sharon Ames

The L.I.F.E. Pantry Student L.I.F.E. Shop, held on August 12th, was a huge success; many thanks to the generosity of the Loveland Community and the tireless efforts of the volunteers who brought many happy smiles to faces returning to school!

With immense gratitude, I’d like to thank the SLS “team” chaired by Sharon Raess—Connie Rotterman, Terri Carter, Lisa Wachenfeld, Carolina Maurer, Audrey Hawley and Barb Wagner. There were, of course, many more hands behind the scenes and in place on the day of the event, but without the planning of this team the event would not have gone as smoothly and pleasurably. Ask and you shall receive—and we asked!

To the community for their support, especially:

Huntington                                                                                                    Costco

Miami Trails                                                                                                  Loveland Dairy Whip

Chatham Woods                                                                                           NEST

Tomie Gartland/RASP Consulting                                                              Prince of Peace Lutheran

Nancy and Jay Grant                                                                                    Unifund LLC

The Agees                                                                                                      The UPS Store

Nancy                                                                                                             Horton Investments         

Brenda Smart                                                                                                LHS Cross Country Team

Little Miami Conservancy/Bill Schroeder                                                  Loveland Library

Bake Me Home                                                                                              Loveland Schools

Harpers Tennis Club                                                                                     SNAP

St. Columban                                                                                                 Northstar Community

Earthshares                                                                                                   Target

Epiphany UMC                                                                                              Premier Tumbling

RP Diamond                                                                                                   Loveland UMC

ELLI’S                                                                                                               Monica Achberger

The Works                                                                                                      Loveland Music Academy

Anna Bunker


To those who chose to be unnamed or dropped items into our donation bins, please know that your contributions have not gone unnoticed. Truly a community effort, it’s impossible to name everyone who took part in some way, but it all made a difference in the lives of these kids.  THANK YOU—you are, each and every one, a blessing.

Linda Bergholz