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Community Recognition - long overdue

posted Jul 5, 2017, 6:49 PM by Sharon Ames   [ updated Aug 1, 2017, 10:10 AM by Anna Bunker ]
To follow are stories of how a few wonderful individuals and groups have made a difference in our community.  The L.I.F.E. Food Pantry sends our sincere thanks to everyone involved (and apologies for the delay in the postings).

Dec 2016:

Jan 2017:

Loveland, Ohio – An anonymous citizen nominated the Loveland Police Department for the 2016 Hometown Heroes Award. The Peoples Bank branch in Maineville sought nominations from the Maineville, Deerfield, Montgomery, and Loveland area.

Branch manager, Cheryl Hall delivered the award and a check to Sean Rahe, Chief of Police of the City of Loveland.

The award is usually presented to an individual person and it is rare an entire organization receives the award. The award included a charitable donation, and the Department chose to forward the money to the LIFE Food Pantry in Loveland. Rahe said, “It’s wonderful. It’s wonderful that someone from the community nominated us anonymously. Cheryl told me that it’s not common for a whole business or agency gets nominated. That made it extra special for us.”

Hall said the $500 award was, “to honor persons in police and fire departments, schools, EMT’s, and first responders.”

Speaking about why the department will give the money to the food pantry Rahe said, “I don’t know we have a favorite charity, but they certainly do a lot for the community and we definitely recognize that and appreciate all the work they do.”

April 2017:

Loveland Board of Education Meets the ‘Hunger Challenge’ with Friendly Competition

The staff at the Loveland City Schools Board of Education met the Hungry Challenge through cereal.

With a commitment to collect 500 boxes of cereal in a two-week period, the staff decided that a little friendly competition was in order. They joined one of two teams, team Hilliker and team Koehne. Both teams were challenged to collect 250 boxes of cereal.   As the cereal started coming in it was displayed in the Board Office to fuel the competition.  And it worked! Cereal kept coming in until the last minute of the deadline. Each team far exceeded their goal by collecting over 400 boxes to make a grand total 875 boxes, plus a $100 gift card to Kroger.  

The event was celebrated with a group lunch provided by a Loveland resident.  And which team won? Both teams were deemed winners since they exceeded their goals, however, the numbers did show that the members of team Hilliker were the Board Office challenge champs.